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Nov 27, 2012 9:00pm PST
, too. >> stand back. >> i won't. >> pok pokehontus is legendary. smith claimed the daughter of chief palatan came to his rescue, after he had been taken prisoner by her father's men. this native american heroin would later marry another jamestown columnist, john roth. just where that marriage took place has been a mystery, that is until now. nearly 400 years after that historic wedding. where we're standing right now, this is where pokehontus and john roth would have gotten married? >> absolutely. >> reporter: he is now 100% sure he and his team have discovered the first substantial protestant church in america, the 1608 church at james fort. he describes the find as a goose bump moment. >> this church was supposed to have been ruined to erosion. no one could find it. i came out here 18 years ago, and thought i want to give this a shot. and sure enough, the whole fort has been found and now the church. >> reporter: the secretary of the jamestown colony recorded it as 18 feet wide. the walls and roof are gone, but archeologists uncovered deep post poles that held heavy timber columns
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1